Facts and Myths about Fire Sprinklers

Automatic fire sprinkler systems have an enviable record of protecting life and property for over 100 years. However, there are still common misunderstandings about the operation and effectiveness of automatic sprinkler systems.

Myth: “When a fire occurs, every sprinkler head discharges water. 

”FACT; Sprinkler heads are individually activatedby heat.

FACT: Residential fires are usually controlled by one sprinkler head.  

FACT: A 10 year study conducted in Scottsdale, Arizona found that 92% if all fires that occurred were controlled by two or less sprinkler heads.

Myth: “A smoke detector is enough protection from fire.”

FACT; Smoke detectors save lives by providing a warning system, but do nothing to extinguish a growing fire or protect those physically unable to escape on their own, such as the elderly or small children.

FACT: Too often, battery operated Smoke detectors fail to work because the batteries are dead or have been removed.

Myth: “Home sprinkler are expensive.”

FACT: Current estimates suggest that when a home is under construction, a home sprinkler system could cost about $1.50 a square foot to install. Less than most upgrades, such as carpeting, fireplaces, covered patios and window coverings.

Myth: “Water damage from fire sprinkler will be more than fire damage itself.”

FACT; Water damage from a home fire sprinkler will be much less than the damage caused by water from the fire fighting hoses or the smoke and fire damage if the fire continues unabated.”

Myth: “Fire sprinklers are designed to protect property, but are not effective for life safety.”

FACT: Fire sprinklers provide a high level of life safety.

FACT: The National Fire Protection Association has no record of a multiple death fire in a completely sprinkled public assembly, educational, institutional or residential building where the system was properly installed.

Myth: “Residential sprinkler systems are ugly.”

FACT: The traditional industrial type sprinklers, as well as sprinklers for home use, have now been redesigned to fit in with most any décor.

Since 1986, residential fire sprinklers have beencredited with saving 14 lives in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Did You Know?
 That a fire sprinkler head that has been painted can cause a delay in the sprinkler deployment.

 A leaking gauge over time can lead to corrosion inside the wall and cause water damage to the property.

Improperly strapped pipe can cause friction which leads to leaks.

 Some of the older homes may have recalled fire sprinkler heads.

Annual Inspections

 It is required that residential care homes have an inspection every year. 

This is a full inspection of your fire suppression system, from the fire sprinkler heads inside your
home to the riser and gauges. 

This will help to keep an emergency
from happening.

Firehouse Fire Protection offers the best in fire protection for Service, maintenance and fire inspection needs.  

We offer the most up to date Fire inspections per current codes and your insurance provider requirements. Fire protection inspections can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.